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  Many early conversations with Clients are contemplation of remodeling, should we or should we just trade up?  The answer really depends on where you live and the neighborhood. Do you love your location so much to not move?  Then it is a financial decision, today interest rates are higher and if you have a low rate and mortgage you may not want to change that. Staying in your current home may make more sense. 

  New bathroom is an easy decision, same as a new kitchen renovation. Should you add a second story addition? Or are you in a flood zone and considering the cost to elevate your home? We can help you with those decisions and guide you cost wise prior to engaging drawings and expense. One important factor when considering remodeling or major renovations is the total cost of the improvement added to the cost of the property? Will your total cost be less than the market value or sellable value of the improved home? That is an important consideration and yes I have come across many homeowners who say they are not concerend as they want to stay in the home forever but honestly you never know and why box yourself in. 


Plaza Hotel 1809 Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger Renovation
Custom Kitchen and Baths
Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

  Deciding what you want to do and creating a budget is easy with help and we would be more than happy to assist. You can add all the bling like Tommy Hilfiger did when we renovated his place or you can create a Chef’s Kitchen as we have done many times. The decision is yours and staying within a budget that works is on us. 

  On a high level overview the first place to start is create a wishlist of items you would want in any home. Then we can go over the items to give you ballpark cost to implement these items in your current home. This will help you decide what should stay in the scope of work or go. Once we have narrowed down the costs and scope of items you want, we can then engage an architect to draw up a plan with your designer. Once they have finished we can send the plans out for hard numbers, define the scope of work and pull permits to begin the build. 

Sound simple?

  It really is and you should always keep in mind is the overall cost compared to what your improved home would be worth. The value of improving your home compared to the cost of moving into a new home with a new mortgage. That perspective should define what is a have to have or have not. 

  Earlier I mentioned an Architect and an Interior Designer. These are very important people to implement into your project. I have seen many finished projects where the builder is the architect and designer. That is a huge mistake for an owner to make. Architects and Designers are involved in current designs and they have an educated background of design style. You do not want to throw everything into your project without having a design. You also want to stay away from trends and fads as they go away as fast as they appeared. A great Architect can design a second story that looks like your home was built that way from the beginning. A great Designer is going to tell you that a barn door for your bathroom is not a great idea and gives you no privacy. They will tell you that black fixtures while popular in the south is a design already out of style elsewhere and polish chrome is the current design style. Can you imagine renovating or building a new home and within a year the fixtures  your builder selected are outdated design style? There are numerous new homes for sale where I can tell the builder is the designer and it shows horribly. Most design comes from Europe and is picked up in NYC and spread around the U.S. What you see here in the South or the West Coast may be dated already in NYC and Europe. Why choose something that is out when you can create something current that will be in style for the next 10+ years? Black window frames, black fixtures, have been a style from 2009, in most design situations it is not really in today.  

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Custom Home

  To sum everything up, remodeling your home may be the best decision for you today. Staying within your budget and improved home valuation helps you spend money wisely. Making design choices that reflect current styles helps keep your investment relative to today and tomorrow design. Our house photos are older design styles and we are actually using all white windows as it is a classic design style for this type of home, our interior fixtures will be polished chrome, our bathrooms will be modern with spa like feeling and our kitchens are always chef quality.   

If you would like to talk about remodeling your home and want to know ballpark costs, contact us at 561-597-0021 or 

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