Iridium Development


40 Years of Construction Excellence

Planned Development

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We specialize in all forms of Construction. Since our first construction project in 1976, starting with the task of sweeping floors and cleaning pipe fittings, we have made tremendous progress in becoming recognized leaders in delivering high-quality workmanship. We always strive for excellence and settle for nothing less than perfection. Having commenced as a subcontractor specialized in wood and metal framing to later evolving to other trades, we possess the expertise to execute work in an efficient manner. Because we have constructed numerous projects over the years, we possess a thorough comprehension of what is required to construct most projects. Our early budgets are remarkably accurate even before plans are provided, which is developed from our vast hands-on experience.

Itemized Estimates

Detailed Contracts

Efficient Execution

We know every aspect of a project inside and out. We meticulously detail estimates, leaving no stone unturned, and uncover all specialities required for successful construction. We expertly pre-order and know exactly what to look for during the construction process. With our hands-on experience, we possess the knowledge and skills to achieve success. Our work ethic is unmatched, and we always deliver projects on budget and ahead of schedule – setting us apart from the competition.


We know Developers need someone who can perform accurate budgets at early stages. Our background gives us an advantage that we use to perform complicated projects under budget and on time. Our estimates are detailed to show our understanding of what we intend to build before we even start. Many of our competitors hide behind contingency allocations, we dive into the grey areas to extract black and white details. This allows us to provide accurate preliminary budget costs so you can complete your capital stack. 

Time is money and our performance capability allows you to operate quicker and maximize profit while avoiding costly delays.