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Remodeling Loans

Fix-n-Flip Loans

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  Florida remodeling loans cover the improvement cost so you can sell your house for more money.

  Zero payments, bad credit, no income verifications! Loan’s are based on the equity of improved home. 

  Simple process without credit pulls. Send us pictures of the house along with current loan balances so we can assess the cost to improve and finish sale value. If we consider taking on your project we require a $1,950 processing fee to proceed. Closings are within 14-20 days and work begins when home is vacated and permits in place.  We complete the construction work and close out the permit, your realtor can sell your home and at the closing we are paid in full. 

Selling your Home?

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Cabinets and Countertops?

  We finance the cost to remodel your home so more people would be interested in purchasing and you can sell for more money.

  We perform the work and add interest on the money we invest in your project. Typical costs for using our money is 10%-15% interest.

  How we differ from a Bank.

  The few Banks providing loans do so based on:

  • Your current home value
  • Current net income
  • Current debt and ability to pay the loan off

  You will need to submit numerous documents, answer hundreds of questions, pay for the loan application, appraisal, and inspection fees. If you are fortunate enough to qualify the bank will provide you capital for work performed in place. That means they send an inspector out to assess the work completed and reimburse you for expenses. You will need to have enough capital to pay for the work to be performed before the bank provides you with that portion of the loan money.

  We operate in a completely different way. Our first communication will be trust building. We want you to send us pictures of your home and tell us what you are thinking of doing to improve your home. We want to know your thoughts on completed value. We also need you to tell us the your mortgage(s) payoff amount. 

  Then we take your information and conduct our own due diligence. We find your mortgage recordings and payoff amounts, we review the pictures sent and assess improvement work and cost. We also assess finished value of the location compared to past sales. Last, we take our information and compare it to what you sent us. 

  Our decision making is based on transparency and trust along with numbers. If you fudge the payoff amounts, have unrealistic perspective of costs and potential sale price, WE ARE OUT. If you have realistic costs, you told us truthfully what is owed (give or take $1,000) on the mortgages, and the numbers work, WE ARE IN.  

   The next steps are simple, we require one payment to cover our processing fee and formal due diligence of $1,950. This is the only amount you will be paying upfront. Once we receive payment we formally assess the cost to improve your project and coordinate site visits, obtain building permit information, and put a construction budget together that we go over with you and adjust as necessary. At the same time we do a third party appraisal, plus title check to finalize all of the numbers. Once we agree on all of the numbers and sign contracts, we submit for the building permit. If you have not selected or engaged a realtor we help you select one and we are involved in the interview process. We have a huge network of Realtors in the state. While we wait for permits you must be moved out of the home entirely and ready to sell once we are complete with the work. We only fund projects that are going to market immediately and in our agreement together the home must be sold immediately. The work starts as soon as we have permits and you are completely moved out of the home. 

  We fast track the construction and close out of the permit while your home is marketed by the realtor. Our goal is to complete the work to have a finished product that will sell in less than 3-4 months from commencement. 


FULL DISCLOSURE: We protect our interest by filing a mortgage deed on your property for the amount we are lending including interest. Our loans are based on the finished equity of your home. Our loans are also based on the current loan payoff balance on your home. Our loans are based on us performing the work and a realtor selling your home immediately. We will be involved in the sale negotiations. Our targeted sale price is based on recent past sales for similar homes in the area. We are not interested in holding out for unrealistic sale prices or passing on legitimate offers. All of our work is performed to State of Florida Building Code and inspected as required, we are licensed and insured to work anywhere in the state of Florida. We will not proceed until the processing fee has cleared our bank account. If we uncover during our due diligence that the numbers do not work, or we cannot agree on the numbers, or we cannot agree on the selection a qualified realtor, or you have not moved out of the home entirely, we will terminate the agreement and the processing fee will not be refunded. If we have incurred additional costs that are not covered by the processing fee you will be liable to reimburse us. 


Remodel now and Pay Later Loans

  • Non owner occupied only

  • No credit pulls

  • No income verification

  • Loan based on finish home value

  • $1,950 process fee

  • Close within 14-20 days

  • No Payments

  • House sells Loan Paid Off


Send us the address, photos of the inside and outside of the home and we will assess the cost to remodel your home. We also need to know the amount of mortgages you have on the property, that’s right we said mortgages! It doesn’t matter if you have one or two mortgages on your home. 

Four things that are important:

  • You pay the $1,950 process fee

  • The home will not be occupied before it is sold

  • Provide total open balance of mortgages

  • Loan based on finished home value equity