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Real Estate Investment Partnership

Why Iridium

Iridium has the knowledge and experience to acquire prime properties. The following attributes make Iridium a compelling sponsor and GP for Families and Firms seeking long term investments with high returns. 




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  There are few companies capable of delivering the type of custom homes we develop in the time frame we produce them. Fewer yet that can match the quality details of our finishes, and even fewer provide the open transparency we operate in. We acquire special unique properties then develop exquisite homes offering value while delivering profits. Our understanding of land development and the processes involved with construction help us to design and deliver maximum value to our partners and also to our buyers. We consistently deliver higher quality homes than our competitors and in shorter timelines.  


   We aspire to acquire properties with a receptive mind, unlimited capability, and foresight. We have gathered the most remarkable properties that others were unable to perceive.

There is more to purchasing property than an entry level price. You need to know the true value of the property, development costs, approval hurdles, appraised valuations and sometimes the property is one peice of a bigger picture. 

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Investment Approach

Waterfront Property
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  Iridium makes investments in unique properties located in the SW Florida. Deal size is determined individually. Investments are through newly formed LLC’s with Iridium GP, Equity Investors LP. Debt is secured to cover development costs based on GP track record and deal basis. Equity term typically 10-15 months. Typical projected deal returns are plus 75%.


  We select properties that require minimum approvals then we design homes to work with the lot rather than shape the land to fit. Our track record of delivering high quality homes in short timelines speak for itself. We have never missed market cycles.  

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As professionals, we should constantly challenge ourselves to achieve greatness and inspire others.