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General Contracting and Remodeling

Our walls are straight and so is the way we do business.  

New Homes

  We have the ability to perform ultra high quality work at fair prices! 

  Our 35 years of construction expertise gives us the ability to perform ultra high quality work at reasonable cost. Our techniques are efficient and proactive which saves you time and money.  The house in this photo is 3,275 sf and we will build this start to finish in four months. 

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New Home for Sale in St. Petersburg 4 Bed 4.5 Bath $1.55M

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

  Our team builds your project on paper creating pages of details components.  

  Our clients see the detailed line items in our free estimates as we discuss cost openly. Our goal of providing transparency is to bring clarity to values and time. This detail progresses into purchase orders so we can identify long lead items early. Typical projects have equal time involved on pre-construction to actual construction.  

Custom Kitchen and Baths
This 20,000 sf house was built in less than 6 months start to finish


  Details, details, and more details. By building your project on paper we avoid cost overruns along with eliminating valuable time. Our free estimates are pages long of detailed line items. We go as far as helping you select slabs, plumbing fixtures, tile, hardware, millwork, all before we start construction. 


  When we obtain your permits typically our pre-construction is completed and now we begin construction. The processes we developed over our 35 years brings extreme efficiency to the jobsite. We streamline schedules and execute everyday. Our impeccable safety record proves we operate with everyone’s health in mind. 

  Our goals is not to break or set records, our goal is to deliver the highest quality product to our client. The results are shown visually in person or in photos and the bottom line. Our subcontractors and vendors charge us less money of which we pass on to our clients. Our subs and vendors also make higher profits working with us. They understand our efficient operation cuts down on their overhead and increases yearly profits.  

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Helping our Client select Slabs
Plaza Hotel 1809 Tommy Hilfiger
Architects & Designers

  Regardless what your design style is, if you are not working with a qualified contractor your work will never reach the level you expect or deserve.  With 40 years experience we know what it takes to deliver quality, value, and cohesion. We are versed in all aspects of construction and design from ornate to the most simplistic modern design. 

  We dive into the details early and bring full transparency to every project. Our workmanship will exceed your expectations along with your clients. 

Contact us for a consultation we are always open for a discussion and eager to collaborate. 561-597-0021


Yes I did build her house in 5 months and also renovated two apartments for her in NYC.  I was the V.P. of a G.C. firm at the time before I started Iridium Development in 2013. I then went on to work for numerous celebrities and people from all walks of life. 

Yes and sooner depending on the size and details. Building quick is just working efficiently. The work is conducted at the same speed, we just make each move more efficient so we can deliver on time and on budget.

We will build anything that requires a General Contractor License.  Realtors often use us to spruce up homes to sell, we often renovate kitchens and bathrooms. Our estimates are free so just give us a call with your project info. 

We charge a low fee and our subs/vendors do a lot of volume with us that provides a discounted cost to our clients. We provide detailed pricing so if you are comparing our number to a competitor, you need to make sure they included everything and detailed those items with prices like we do. 

We work on projects all over Florida and will consider projects out of state on a case by case basis. Most of our Florida work is from Clearwater south to Marco Island and east to West Palm to Miami.

No and in the 40 years of conducting this work we find it best to work with outside Architects and Designers.  Builders who provide these services really lose step of the current styles and designs, you will see more repetitive design instead. 

Typically we meet learn about your needs obtain all information and deliver a detailed estimate. Once we have narrowed down the line items and defined finishes we value engineer the project looking to save money while delivering the items you selected. Once all of the pricing is agreed we go to contract. Our contracts are always on AIA 201 documents. As our estimates our contracts are detailed and transparent. Once agreed we take a small deposit and schedule the work to commence. 

Our jobs all have a dedicated site supervisor to oversee all aspects of the work. We also provide a portal for our clients so they can log in and see there project documents. Our clients can see who has been paid, any change orders or material payments. Not many of our competitors provide the transparency we operate under. 

New Home or Remodeling Project

We are your go to Licensed General Contractor for all of Florida.