How to Perfect a High Gloss Ceiling

Modern Masters High Gloss Paint

  You do not need to have a +$25M residence to have high gloss ceilings. In this article I am going to tell you how we perfected the application of Modern masters Metallic High Gloss paint. 

  These pictures do not do this paint justice.  Just like a metallic paint on a car, Modern Masters has metallic paint for your home. The color and sheen changes with the lighting and it looks amazing. 

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Screenshot 2023 09 13 at 10.19.03 AM

  Let’s jump into cost, is this expensive? Really as any paint, the cost is not from the material as it is the labor. A few cans of paint will not break the bank. If you have never applied this type of paint the labor cost to do the right job is timely. 

  Gloss shows everything just like a car finish. Slight imperfections are magnified, and in this application it doesn’t show until you apply the last layer. In fact when you apply the metallic paint and view it, you really do not get the full visual and it is definitely not gratifying. The gloss clear coat changes that mood and will make you proud or break you down to crying. 

How to avoid crying? 

  I am going to share my trick that changed everything for me with this paint application. First you need to buy the roller for this paint and you need to roll the paint on properly or you can also spray it on, we had great luck with both. 

  Prep, this paint is all in the prep, walls, millwork, or ceiling makes no difference, prep, prep, prep. Every little imperfection is magnified after the gloss coat dries. What are examples of imperfections? Taping compound and drywall texture, if you do not skim coat the entire area you will see every location of compound and it will look horrible. I am not going to cover obvious dimples and such as any paint shows this, I am talking about the level of the application of compound. You will see minute lines fro trowels that are really hard to see in natural or artificial light. You will see where compound is heavy or lightly applied basically you see everything. 

  To apply Modern Masters, you have a primer application, you then check the area with natural light and also artificial light. Touch up the areas needed and then prime again. When you are totally good with the prep you apply the base color. This stage you are 2-4 coats in depending on the prep and you must view in artificial and natural light as it changes perspective. When you are happy with this stage of work you then apply the modern masters with the metal flakes. Once this has dried entirely you then apply your high gloss and we usually applied two coats. 

  This is when you take everything down, you have the lighting trims installed and window covering off. Now you’re moment is here, happy or sad?


Quicker Method

  There is a faster way to get to the first application. Apply your primer and take care of touch up. Spot prime and apply a high gloss paint that is the same color of the base coat. This allows you to see the gloss finish prior to the last layer. It is very helpful and do not expect to nail your prep the first round. Your eye has to be trained for the slightest defect because when you apply the full process it will show everything. 

  We also used swedish putty that we purchased from McDermott Pain in Greenwich Ct. They will ship it anywhere. This takes care of minute lines or scratch marks from sand paper and is easy to apply. It is also great for millwork to hide nails, and joint lines.   

  After all of the labor the finish is amazing and if you have a lot of natural light the look is really nice. Colors change with lighting and furniture along with reflections of light from other rooms. 

Good luck and any questions feel free to contact us: