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Real Estate For Sale

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Create your Equity

So many people have purchased homes in the past 3 years with low interest loans. Some of these purchases resulted in flood loss and water damage.

What do you do when you encounter a storm surge that destroys your home?

Do you recover costs from Insurance? Then rebuild until the next time? Do you sell at a loss?

Why not take the equity you created and create a sustainable home for your family?

Go up, put your possessions that survived the flood in storage, rent an apartment temporary and hire a GC to rebuild your home elevated on the lot you own. 


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You do not need to be on the water, just near the water. If your home is in a neighborhood of single family homes, you can build a reverse style home floor plan. 

Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen on the second floor where you can appreciate water views. On the first floor are the bedrooms.  Built elevated so the lower level is resilient to water flooding.  

6 Month Timeline

What do you think your new finished home would be worth?

What would be the cost to hire a GC to build this for you?

How long would the work take?

How would you obtain the funding for this?

Contact us to find out. We work with numerous lenders who can help you. Yes this work would only take us 6 months time from start to finish. Contact us for more details:

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