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Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

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Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

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  When we renovated this home and added a pool in the basement we had to work with existing conditions, we also saved the rooms directly above this location so the beams had to stay intact. 

  I mention this because when you are remodeling an area you have to work with existing conditions. How easy would it be to just stick lighting in the ceiling, or HVAC vents, at locations that are easy to work with? Very easy in fact most of the time spent on a remodel or renovation project is coordinating existing and new installation so it works with the design intent. After all what would be the point of working with a Designer or Architect if you are just going to place things where and when it is easy?


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Luxury Estate

  Design is personal as is style, when you look past the design or style of something and focus on the details what do you see? What should you see? I will share what I see when I view pictures of others work. 

  “Good Enough“, when you see lighting in a Kitchen without symmetry…a light over the kitchen sink that is not centered, or offset in front of the refrigerator (not centered over appliances), or huge obnoxious air vents (randomly placed)? A gaggle of switches most likely operating lights around the room and not near the location you enter. Ugh, or crown molding that runs the perimeter of the ceiling and stops at all of the wall registers or window openings…?

  What I see is much more than what is in the picture. I see disorganization and lack of planning, I see “Good Enough” just leave it. I see a project where the client hired a General Contractor, maybe an Interior Designer, or Architect, there were probably design drawings and rather than work with the team the GC provided excuses to why this is not possible or that will not work. The results of the work is “Good Enough” not “Wow that’s Great.”  

  How does this happen? It is accepted or overlooked. If you take what I just explained and searched GC firms, Design Firms, Architect Firms you will see what I am talking about. “Nice from Far but Far from Nice.”  

  When you select your next GC or Remodeling Contractor, see if they are ok with Good Enough! 

We accept only excellence. 


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